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Elvex GelPods are designed to fit into the outer ear and to be held in place by the force of the headband, Unlike a regular earplug the GelPods are not seated in the ear canal.


Elvex Impulse electronic earmuff is also called a level dependent earmuff. The electronics allow the user to hear what is needed and eliminate unwanted impact sounds such as gun fire.


EP-412: Quattro’s four flange taper design fits almost all ear canals. Its soft polymer comfortable and non-allergenic. US Military NSN number assigned.


Today’s hearing protection users demand a high level of comfort, excellent noise reduction properties as well as ease of insertion. Elvex Blue offers all that and more.


• 29 dB NRR Protection
• Stainless Steel Headband
• Extra wide ear cushions– Superior comfort


• 25 dB NRR Protection
• Dielectric Construction
• Virtually “unbreakable” Headband

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