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Jack Hoffman from Gold Rush on Discovery

For years and years Jack has had his favorite work clothes – Carhartt bib overalls, always black.   He has worn those on Gold Rush Season 1 to 4.  BUT, last year during Season 5, filmed in the Yukon Territory,
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Ryan Fraker from Team 144

Team 144 has always loved the way Mascot clothing feels and functions. Being a shooting team made up of police officers, we’ve used the pants on the range and on the street. These clothes ALWAYS perform! They breathe well and
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Matthew Mastrangelo

I have 2 pairs of the 3/4 length Jaca, and one pair of the Almada pants. This workwear is hands down BETTER than any other workwear I’ve ever worn! Especially the 3/4 length pants in the summer, cause you still
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Donovan Montross

“Over the past couple years on the 3gun competition circuit, my Mascots have seen untold abuse, but remain comfortable, durable and my pant of choice. My favorites are the kneepad-equipped Lerida, Calvos or the Altona 3/4 trousers for hotter days.”

David Thorson – TracerX Photography

“Ive been using my MASCOT pants for a little over a year. They’ve held up to everything I’ve thrown at them; construction, yard work, photo shoots on rocky cliffs – they always wash and look fantastic for my next project. They’re
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316 Mining Crew on Gold Rush

As you can see on Discovery Channel TV show Gold Rush, Todd Hoffman’s 316 Mining Crew has chosen to wear MASCOT Workwear supplied by REPCON NW.

Jim Thurber from Gold Rush

“Best workwear I’ve ever owned”

Craig Outzen – Professional 3 Gun Shooter

” I have been shooting 3 Gun for over 8 years. It is easily the most dynamic and action oriented shooting sport on the planet. The demands placed on my gear and clothing is second to none. After having tried
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